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I’m proud to be the artist of Cherry Blossom Art & Designs. My art is inspired by the gorgeous beaches of St Augustine, FL and is primarily created using resin with real sand and shells from the local area. I call these pieces “Beachscapes”. They are created using many layers of “waves” giving each piece an incredible look of realism with depth and dimension that only the ocean possesses. Each layer has mesmerizing foamy waves and azure tones (or varied colors depending on the piece) revealing the churning and sometimes, crashing waves, effect of the sea. Most pieces display an expertly crafted “beach” using exquisite sand and tiny crushed shells from various local beaches for an ultra realistic touch. Each piece is uniquely designed and so no two are ever alike. You can be assured that every piece of art from the Beachscape Collection is a one of a kind!

In keeping with the tropical theme of my art, I also have a series of paintings using acrylic on wood. What sets these pieces apart is the method. Before starting a painting in this style I first carefully select a piece of wood. I pay close attention to the grain and I envision it in the painting. Then I selectively torch it in a way that burns the grain of the wood, darkening it, making it more prominent. I then begin painting, carefully preserving the torched grain and incorporate it into the painting itself. Paintings like this consist of sunsets, beach scenes, palm trees, tropical villages, and peaceful docks. Any beautiful tropical landscape is fair game. It makes for a unique and stunning series of artwork.


Lastly, as an artist I love to push myself to venture outside the box. I love commission work and the challenge of bringing others' ideas to life in the form of art. I have created several works from drawings to paintings to beachscapes for people who had a vision. I would love to create something special and unique for you. I hope you’ll browse my photos and study their details. Envision yourself at the beach....

 -Jenni Cherry

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